God is Still & Always Working

It is the beginning of April and if you would have said a few short months ago that we would be on lockdown from the COVID-19 virus outbreak in the US, I would have thought you were nuts! But, here we are, going on three weeks of the Missouri statewide (and now nationally) mandated order to stay-at-home in hopes of “flattening the curve” of Caronavirus cases and not overwhelming our healthcare systems. Though I’m thankful that Missouri has been a more proactive state on flattening the curve and this week I’ve been more encouraged about what our new foreseeable future looks like, this has been one of the hardest seasons I think I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. God has definitely been using this tough season to strengthen my faith and trust in Him. It’s been a tough season not only because of the COVID-19 virus but it’s also been made tough in regards to our baby girl’s health.

In the previous two blog posts, I gave an update about finding out that we are expecting a little girl in July but also that the ultrasound initially showed that our girl’s ventricles in her brain were outside normal measurements. This is called Mild Ventriculomegaly. We were referred to a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist and were told that this finding could be associated with genetic abnormalities such as Down Syndrome, Trisomy 13, 18, etc. You can read about those updates here and here. Since those two blog posts were written, my follow-up ultrasound at 24 weeks was on March 31. Their goal was to get more photos of our girl’s head and to monitor the size of the ventricles in her brain. There was a 90% chance that she’d grow out of the Mild Ventriculomegaly and after receiving our bloodwork a few weeks before which showed that she was Low Risk (basically negative; a 1 in 10,000 chance) for all genetic abnormalities, I felt much more at peace going into the ultrasound knowing that our girl was healthy. The anxiety prone person that I am would usually still be thinking “what if her ventricles still aren’t normal despite the bloodwork?” but I do believe over the last month God has really shown me that all I can really do is to trust Him and just let Him take care of everything. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Zach and Titus were not allowed to accompany me to this ultrasound. Though, I do believe God truly gave me peace over the last few weeks, I was confident going into it alone knowing that everything would be just fine!

The ultrasound went great and she cooperated so they could get all the additional photos they needed of her little body! The MFM doctor took a look at the ultrasound photos of her brain and they were within normal measurements! He gave me the happiest news when he said that our girl was HEALTHY and that we no longer had to follow-up with him throughout this pregnancy! What a sigh of relief! I can’t help but thank God for His goodness and just taking care of us throughout this difficult season.

Our sweet baby girl! Zach and I think she looks so similar to her big brother, Titus!

Because of the many discouraging things going on right now with the COVID-19 outbreak and the last month of not knowing what the future would hold with the state of our girl’s health, it’s been hard to see anything as positive. I’ve been guilty of having this mindset far too often. BUT, our girl’s health has been a great reminder to me over the course of this last month that GOD IS STILL AND ALWAYS WORKING even when we can’t see it. The year 2020 has been quite the rollercoaster already but it has never been anything God hasn’t been in control of. In fact, He’s been in control of this whole crazy season all along and STILL IS.

Though God has been taking us all through a similar season of difficulty with the viral outbreak, I’ve really been reminded and encouraged of all the WORK GOD IS DOING around us right now. The fact that our baby girl is healthy is proof that God has been working, not just because she is healthy but because through this, He has strengthened our faith and trust in Him. The fact that there are so many people out there working on the front lines to protect us is proof that God is working. The fact that I see almost daily on my social media newsfeed that babies are still being born healthy in hospitals during a pandemic and that people are being healed from far worse medical issues is proof that God is working. The fact that people are still deciding to get pregnant during a pandemic is proof that God is working. The fact that people are drawing nearer to God in a time such as this is proof that God is working. Guys, God is working miracles in front of our eyes!! We just need to open our eyes to see the awesome work He’s currently doing and stop allowing the devil to divert our thoughts to the things we have no control over. It’s been so reassuring to me how God is using this time of suffering to draw His people (and those who don’t yet know Him) closer to Himself just through the very stories I’ve read, heard about and mentioned above. So, I hope that if you are currently feeling discouraged, fearful or unsure of what the next few months hold, just remember that God has got this and He IS and ALWAYS WILL BE WORKING! Our future is full of hope because GOD CONTINUES TO GO BEFORE US! Feel free to reach out to me if you need prayer or encouragement during this time. I’d love to pray for you and offer up a virtual hug! Love you all and am looking forward to seeing how God will continue to work through this season of life!

We’ve really enjoyed our nightly routine of family walks!
Baby girl at 25 weeks.

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