Update on our Little Girl

Last week, after our 20 week ultrasound, we received concerns about our little girl’s ventricles in her brain and how they were slightly outside the normal range (and by slightly, I mean by 1 mm) and because they were outside normal range, there were concerns that she could be at risk for genetic abnormalities like Trisomy 13, 18, 21 (Down Syndrome) and sex chromosome abnormalities. You can read last week’s updates here. Although there was a 90% (or higher) chance that she was perfectly healthy, they recommended I do the prenatal blood screening for these abnormalities. So, Zach and I both decided that we’d go ahead and get that blood test for further confirmation that our girl was healthy. We were told that it could take up to 10 business days to receive our results.

Oh my goodness, let me tell you….waiting 1 day, let alone 10 days, has been BRUTAL. A time of waiting, living in a state of unknown has definitely been a spiritually growing and trying time for me. This last week has been a test of my faith, for sure. Despite having two doctors optimistic that our girl would be healthy, despite the high percentage rate (90%) of babies being born healthy with larger than normal ventricles, despite the fact that they did not see any other physical abnormalities in the ultrasound, despite all the evidence pointing to the fact that my baby girl is most likely healthy, my faith has definitely been tested. I’ve felt like a rollercoaster of emotions over the past 10 days. One minute I’m at peace and confident that God is keeping our girl healthy and safe, the next moment I’m on the train to “What-if town” and imagining the worst case scenario. It’s been a constant fight to remain steadfast in my faith and trusting that God has got it all taken care of. I know that day by day he’s been chiseling me into a more godly version of the woman He wants me to become and I’m thankful for that but that doesn’t mean it’s come without painful hiccups and bumps along the way. There is nothing worth fighting for that isn’t going to come with challenges, especially when it comes to trusting God in the unknown. If we want to grow spiritually, unfortunately, trials like these are the best way to toughen us up a bit and to be one step closer to an unfailing faith. So here I am, pushing through this trial, not as gracefully as I’d like to but fighting through it to become a stronger woman of faith!

Well, folks, our waiting finally came to a close this afternoon. After waiting 6 out of the 10 proposed business days for the genetic screening results, a nurse from the Maternal-Fetal Medicine department finally called and gave me the message I have been waiting to hear for the last 10 days! Our baby girl’s results were NEGATIVE for every marker they tested for! That means that our baby girl is HEALTHY!

If you have been following along in my faith journey through this blog the last few years or you know me personally but still haven’t been able to understand why I put my love and trust in Jesus Christ, this here is a great example of why you should put your trust in Him also! Despite being able to live in a country where we have the privilege of $2 million dollar ultrasound machines that can see so many bodily structures in an unborn child and can potentially find health concerns so early on in their little lives, I believe in a God that is even BIGGER! He has had a plan for our little girl since even before she was an embryo! He is a God that provides health, healing, comfort, redemption, forgiveness and never leaves our side no matter the circumstance. He is bigger then $2 million fancy shmancy ultrasound equipment, He is bigger then the extremely intelligent doctors we are blessed to have for our health care, He is bigger then any health concern that we might be facing, He is better than anything we can physically imagine! I truly, truly believe that there is absolutely power in prayer. I can’t even begin to thank the many, many people that have been praying for us over the last 10 days. We’ve truly had an ARMY praying for us and I do believe that God has heard every single one of them! So, to those of you that have been diligent in praying, thank you, from the bottom of my heart! I’ve felt every. single. one of them!

Even though we are not completely out of the park just yet, I still ask that you continue to pray with us that our sweet little girl continues to grow and develop as she should and that she cooperates for her next ultrasound coming up in a few weeks so they can get all the photos of her head and brain needed to solidify the fact that our girl is healthy! I also ask that you pray that the ventricles in her brain return back to a normal measurement. I’m thankful for the chiseling that God has been doing on my heart and faith these last 10 days and I will continue to work towards being a woman more steadfast in our amazing Savior!

Author: mkfleer

Wife. Dog Mom. Follower of Christ.

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